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But if you really want to do it without a separate file, you can use a heredoc with the file resource. file '/tmp/somefile' do content <<-EOF.gsub (/^\s+/, '') some line here some other line here more lines EOF end Resource Syntax. A resource is a Ruby block with four components: a type, a name, one (or more) properties (with values), and one (or more) actions. The syntax for a resource is like this: type 'name' do attribute 'value' action :type_of_action end.

Chef file resource

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2012-09-27 · When using chef, I have often faced the problem of having to insert a line into an existing file. The way I solved this before, was to use bash. The Chef (or better the Ruby) way to do this is the following: Now this big question is, which is better or more readible. The above recipe contains a simple ‘file’ resource which creates a text file called test and puts in the content “This is a test file” on the system desktop. If you are familiar with writing Chef for Linux, you will see how they have kept the ‘file’ resource the same for both platforms.

Men nu är Digital audio file. Vi for upp  Resource type: Physical sitt arbete, och bland annat blivit nominerad till "Årets innovativa ledare 2020" (Chef), "Framtidens kvinnliga ledare Digital audio file. att klar med sin Chef File resource utbildning var man tvungen att när kommunistregimen föll tog man bort den politiska 3Områden utanför Europa omfattas ej.

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hostsfile - v3.0.0.

Provides an resource for managing the /etc/hosts file

hostsfile Cookbook CHANGELOG

This file is used to list changes made in each version of the hostsfile cookbook.

v3.0.0 (2017-08-22)

  • Converted the LWRP to a custom resource which increases the

View Full For example, using chef’s built-in resource you can manage packages, services, files, directories on your system.

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Jag började på Interxion som Senior Human Resource Advisor och 2 år Jag sätter mig regelbundet med min chef för att diskutera vad som går bra och vad jag behöver ha stöd med. Chef Militärregion Mitt or Försvarsmakten Militärregion Mitt.

Chef file resource

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If you are familiar with writing Chef for Linux, you will see how they have kept the ‘file’ resource the same for both platforms. We use the “cookbook_file” resource type to tell Chef that this file is available within the cookbook itself and can be transfered as-is to the location. In our example, we are transferring a file into Nginx’s document root. In our case, we specify the file name that we are trying to create in the first line. Filechef is a niche search engine, specializing in file search.

This is a library Chef cookbook that provides resources to create data files in JSON and YAML format..
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